Debt capital markets made digital

We provide a novel way for issuers to access capital and for investors to purchase high-quality debt.
PV01 It's about time.

Our platform

The fixed income market is due for an upgrade.

Our platform streamlines old-school due diligence and underwriting for the primary market, with a secondary market made seamless by real-time transfers and state-of-the-art dealing systems.

Not only is the timing right, but the technology is ready, using blockchain for what it’s meant to be used: provable digital ownership and transferability.

  • Transferable
  • Accessible
  • Visible

Our mission

To build and operate a debt capital market on which a healthy digital asset ecosystem can thrive. Find out more about PV01

The PV01 platform is designed to spread risk across a broader spectrum of market participants and serve as a much-needed foundation to evolve the digital bond market.

A portrait photo of Nicolas Priem
Nicolas Priem Managing Director and CIO at Tioga Capital

How we do it

The PV01 team was handpicked from TradFi and DeFi and is ready to build the rails for the future of the debt market

Our technology is built by the top developers with the level of sophistication, yet simplicity, that our market participants demand. And it integrates safely and seamlessly with current market workflows.

  • Vetted issuances
  • Highly qualified investors
  • White glove advisory
  • Real time settlement
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