Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of text that a website places in the browser or on your computer or internet-enabled device whenever you visit us online (hereinafter “Cookies”). This allows the website to remember your computer or device and serves a number of purposes. When you visit the website later again, this cookie returns to the concerned website. In this way, the website recognizes your browser and can for example retain your choice of language.

Cookies usually also have an expiration date. For example, some cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser (so-called session cookies), while others can be stored longer on your computer, sometimes until you delete them manually (so-called permanent cookies).

On the website, a notification banner will appear informing you about the Cookies used on the website and requiring your consent to use Cookies that are not strictly necessary. You can accept all Cookies by clicking on “Accept All Cookies” button. You can also reject all Cookies (except the strictly necessary) by clicking on “Reject All Cookies” button. Another option is to select the types of Cookies you accept to be used by clicking on “Manage My Choices” button. To select those Cookies you can go through the different tabs and tick or untick the type of Cookies you allow. Please note that, according to the applicable legislation, the use of “strictly necessary” Cookies does not require your consent.

You can change your Cookie preferences, at any moment, by clicking on the “Cookie Preferences” button.

Further information about managing Cookies can be found in your browser's help file or through sites such as and


Types of Cookies

“Session” Cookies are stored in the device’s memory only during a user's browsing session and are automatically deleted from the user's device when the browser is closed.

“Persistent” Cookies are stored on the user's device and are not deleted when the browser is closed, unless deleted by you. Persistent Cookies can retain user preferences for a particular website, allowing those preferences to be used in future browsing sessions.


Which Cookies do we use?

We use necessary cookies, also essential and functional cookies. to manage the content of our website. Essential cookies are needed to ensure the website operates correctly and you cannot refuse them. 

We also use Google Analytic for analytical purposes. This analytical tool places cookies that we use in order to quantify the visits (traffic) on the website. This allows us to know how many times a particular page is consulted. We only use this information to improve the content of our website. 

This analysis tool is installed on our own servers. This concerns therefore "first party" cookies (direct cookies). This means that we have full control over the information collected through these cookies. No data is sent to third parties. Therefore, we can guarantee that this information will not be used for other purposes. The use of these "first party" cookies for analytical purposes is subject to your prior consent. Therefore, you can refuse the installation of these cookies on your device.






1 year

Cross-Site Request Forgery token

Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks for form submissions


14 days

Session ID

Persist session state in our internal platform


2 years

User ID on Google analytics

Distinguish users on Google Analytics


2 years

Session ID on Google analytics

Persist session state on Google Analytics

We do not use any other type of Cookies on our website than the ones listed above. 


Our Privacy Statement

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about the privacy rules applicable on this website.


Changes to this Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy may be changed from time to time in the event of new applications, if our services require this or if the applicable legislation requires it.


Questions or remarks

Please contact us at if you require any further information about this Cookie Policy.